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>> we are told to love one another. lying about marriage is wrong. offering water to someone in need is right. and the water barrier isn't condoning immigrants to be here illegally. he is going a good samaritan offering a drink of water. finally, autumn says, i am torn about the water left for illegal immigrants. i am against illegal aliens but they should not die for needing a better live. rick sanchez takes it from here. a best selling author, a family man. he is now in a scandal. >> i want to apologize to you as professionals for that indiscretion. >> will the court of public opinion let rick pitino go free. a religious controversy. what do you get when you cross a
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bikini with a burqa. this is what some muslim women want to wear in pools, a burkini. you saw this on our air as it happened. have you seen it from this new angle. >> it was clearly racist. how rude is this? the woman is trying to ask her congresswoman a question. the congresswoman, is she listening? it's part of your national conversation for thursday, august 13th. another one of those newscasts you will remember. i am rick sanchez with the next generation of news. this is a conversation, not a speech. it is your turn to get involved. meltdowns, throwdowns, shoutdowns, every day this week has revealed to us a new page in the how to behave in a public
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forum handbook. those health care town hall meetings, we've seen the spectrum of human behavior at these events. roger, take some of this video. here is one end of the spectrum. a town hall meeting with sceptor brown of ohio. no raised voices. people stayed in their seats. civil conversation. there is this one from two days ago. you think people were shocked to see this. you bet they were. outraged. that's texas representative sheila jackson lee unbelievably with all that's been going on at theseton hall meetings, taking a call on her cell phone while one of her constituents is trying to ask her a question. she told the woman in the audience, go ahead, i can hear you, while she is talking and listening on the phone. we are going to play that whole incident for you, the entire thing in just a minute so you can see it for yourself and judge it for yourself. that's important. watch this. the bottom of the screen. this is in missouri. we were critical of this woman
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when this happened. it happened while we were on the air. it happened right during this hour. we heard senator claire mccaskill at the time immediately tell us that the woman was wrong to have brought a poster against the rules that were established at the meeting. everyone was told not to have signs or posters. we are getting another perspective as we watch this video now. watch as the man comes in and rips it out of her hands and then she is taken away there. we are going to show you that again in just a minute. come back to me if you can, roger. this woman who was there is going to take us through it. she is joining us live and going to take us through this. miss johnson, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> let's start with what was on the sign, itself? >> it was a sign that had a picture of rosa parks and a historical moment and her freedom to ride on the bus. >> let me stop you. that day, we're just trying to make things correct if they were
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wrong that day. everything happened so fast. it was breaking news. it was live. we were told it was a poster of barack obama. that's not true? >> that is not. that is incorrect. it was rosa parks. >> were you kicked out of the event after this happened? we saw you being walked out. >> i wasn't being walked out i was dragged out. my feet were barrel touching the floor. >> the guy who -- roger, let's watch the video again. we saw that a man had approached you. proo ir prior to the man approaching you, as far as i can tell, you had a sign. >> yes, i had a poster of rosa parks. >> there is the man in the blue shirt. he takes it off. roger, see if you can get this video a little earlier. what's interesting about that poster is that a photographer. you had the poster rolled up is that correct? >> that's correct. >> you had it rolled up because you were, i guess, interpreting that the poster should not be displayed, so you weren't displaying it. is that correct? >> that's correct. they asked us to sit down with
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it. i said to senator mccaskill, yes, we will comply. i sat down and rolled up the poster. >> so why did you then open the poster? >> well, the poster was lying in the seat. it was no distraction. a news reporter crawled over to me and said, may i take a picture of your sign. i unrolled it. she realized it was a poster. we were whispering. there was no distraction. it was down in the seat. the gentlemen observed it. the next thing i knew, it happened so quickly, my daughter said he twisted my wrist, pushed me, grabbed the sign and ran back to his seat. as he did that, the entire audience cheered and clapd. i realized as he was walking away, what upset me was i nutsed he was crumbling my poster up into a ball. i leaped out my seat, got to him and snatched my sign back and said, give me your sign. what really appalled me was, it was four or five officers on me when this man was clearly -- i was the victim and he was the
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one that was attacking me. >> let's watch this. roger, make sure we get this from the beginning. let's see if we see the part at the beginning where -- get all that stuff from the bottom of the screen. we can't see anything if it is there. so this wasn't cut very well. darn it. oh, well. all right. so what you are telling us about the photographer coming forward and showing it and asking you to see the poster and then you opening it for the photographer. we are just going to have to take that at face value, because it's not here on this video. >> when i unrolled the poster, it was lying down on the seat. i had pressed my hands down on the seat because the poster was rolled up, so she could take the picture. that's when the gentlemen leaped from the bleachers and snatched it. >> it does appear that although you should not have had the poster, because you were specifically told not to have poster. >> excuse me, sir. no, we were not. we got there. it was in hillsboro. i was from st. louis, never been
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there before. three or four people warned us, asked us not to go to the town because of the reputation of racism. we went anyway, because we wanted to sfoert senator claire mccaskill and president obama. we wanted to support health care reform. we came in through the back door. there were no signs posted. a police officer said, ma'am, take your purse and have it check. we had the sign open, walked it through the hall. we get to the table where three other officers were. they checked our purse and the signs were open. they said, it is no the our job to tell these people they cannot take signs in. legally, according to the first amendment, i have gone to election polls. >> i get that. i understand. first of all, i'm told that we have the video that you were describing. before you roll it, raj, what you just said is he had it rolled up in front of you in a chair. a female photographer says, can i have a peek of it?
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owe you unif you reca so you unroll it so they can get a picture and that's when the man comes over. >> we are looking over there. the person in the black is right there the at bottom of the screen asking you to see it. you are showing it right there bottom left of the screen. you show it. that man gets up, because you unfurled it and he takes it away. that seems to match everything you are talking about. let me ask you this. were there other people with posters unfurled or otherwise? >> when we walked in, they started saying, put your signs away, put your signs away. i am wondering, what was the problem? it was a rosa parks historical sign. why would that be a threat to anyone? >> please, just answer my question. you were sitting in a seat and you had a poster that was all furled up, right? >> yeah. >> was there other people that had posters, put away, stuck in their pants or had posters on
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them? >> no. there was a lady that had a sign in the back. the sign said, please pray for president obama. so there were other signs present. >> thank you so much for taking us through this. by the way, before we let you go, do you think this is going to move, this story? are you planning to do anything? how would you characterize the behavior of that man with the blue shirt? >> oh, pure hatred. i have never experienced anything like that in my life. they were really insulting me. i have never experienced any act of racism at all. people hate you because of the color of your skin. i feel sorry for them. we pressed charges immediately. that was our intent. our intent was to go and represent our president. my daughter saw a sign that said, nigger, obama. those people are sitting in the audience with these signs. the man that sat next to this gentlemen said, i'm sorry. i was there for the whole event. there were signs throughout.
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no one ever took those signs from those people. >> we thank you for sharing your side of the story with us. as we said, the other day, it happened live on our watch. we characterized it as best we could given the information we were given by claire mccaskill. we thank you for filling it out for us. by the way, to be are perfectly fair, we have invited a man on that video snatching it away from miss maxine johnson. we invited him to be here, james winfrey. he has not responded but if he does, we would be more than happy to share his side of the story as well. love the game, my players and this university as well as this community. i want to coach nowhere else. i don't believe in anything as much as i believe in this university and its fate. as long as they will have me, i am going to coach here. >> should they let him go? what women say. what fans of michael vick have to say. what you say about rick pitino's
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sex scandal. muslim women want to wear this thing called a burkini in the pool. they are being told, no way. should they? ? was congressman, sheila jackson lee, rude for talking on her cell phone at a town hall meeting? we will let you see the entire exchange for yourself and let you decide. then, she is going to be joining me in a half hour to talk about this live. stay with us. remember the aftershow right at 4:00 on stay with us. i'm rick sanchez. i'll be right back. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years.
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many people believed that scott speicher was still alive. just last week, his body had been found. it has just returned back on u.s. soil. i don't know if we have sound of this. roger, do we have sound? i'm going to be quiet and just let you watch this.
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michael scott speicher, navy pilot, shot down over iraq on the first night of operation desert storm. here, we welcome him back to the united states of america, a solemn moment, an important moment that for this family, god bless them, has been long and coming. we will continue to follow it for you as we move on to other stories. when we come back, we promised we would show you the reaction of congresswoman sheila jackson lee so you can decide for yourself before we talk to her.
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let's check and see what some of you are saying about what we have been talking about so far. then we will see the sheila jackson lee tape. bobby bell says, thank you for clearing up the story about the woman being thrown out of the town hall meeting. keep showing the truth. that's what we do. let's see one more. on return of gulf war soldier, rick, you have more class than any other reporter out there. thank you for your respect. >> that's very nice. we appreciate that. sometimes words just get in the way. representative jackson lee talks to people at a town hall meeting but she gets a phone
3:19 pm
call and instead of dealing with the person who is asking her the question, she takes the phone call and stays on the phone for quite some time. i want you to watch this. before we talk to the representative coming up here in about 25 minutes or so and you tell me whether she was right, whether she was wrong and whether she could have handled this perhaps a little bit differently. here it is. >> if your conscious allows you to proceed in the direction of doing things simply because you think it is good for america, then -- seriously, really, come on, dude. >> if our conscious allows us, if congress' conscious allows them to proceed, just because you think it is good for america, then we are on a path
3:20 pm
to tyranny. when does it stop if congress has no conscious to stop it simply because we think it is good? >> obviously, we appreciate your comments on twitter, myspace, facebook. as we said, congressman cheel la jackson lee, congresswoman, i sh you say, has been gracious enough to accept or invitation. she will join us here in 25 minutes to explain to us actually what happened there. then, again, we may not know. we may not be seeing the full picture. we want to be as fair as possible just as we were to our other guests earlier in the show. >> if you tell the truth, your problem becomes part of your past. if you lie, it becomes part of your future. extortion, abortion and a big-time head coach. that was rick pitino talking about a really sa lashus sex scandal that has him feeling the heat. i will take you through the details and the reaction that's been coming through so far. remember the aftershow on
3:21 pm at 4:00. stay wu stay with us. he with have so much coming your way. we'll be right back. every sunday, lasagna at mom's was a family tradition. when she started forgetting things, i was hoping it was nothing. grandma! what a nice surprise! mom, it's sunday. that's when i knew i couldn't wait. mom's doctor said these were signs of alzheimer's, a type of dementia, and that prescription aricept could help. he said it's the only treatment proven effective... for all stages of alzheimer's.
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a tense situation in los angeles. they have brought the robotic arm into that area. see that red beetle right there in the middle. supposedly, there is a man inside that red beetle that police are seeing as some kind of threat. specifically what the threat is, we don't know. obviously, they have locked him into that parking lot. he may still be in there. we don't know if he has a weapon. we don't know if there was explosives. we do know they are treating it as such. we are going to keep a careful eye on this thing. if anything develops, we will let you see it as it happens. it seems that kids grow up faster, maybe some quicker than others and then there is this kid. you can't take your eyes off this, can you? a very, very serious side to this story when we come back. that was a little kid who was smoking a cigarette. it didn't look like he was being offered a cigarette for the first time. like maybe he was two years old
3:24 pm
and he smoked before. elizabeth cohen joins me to talk about this when we come back. (male announcer) if you've had a heart attack caused by a completely blocked artery, another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike. a heart attack caused by a clot, one that could be fatal. but plavix helps save lives. plavix, taken with other heart medicines goes beyond what other heart medicines do alone to provide greater protection against heart attack or stroke and even death by helping to keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots. ask your doctor about plavix, protection that helps save lives. (female announcer) if you have stomach ulcer or other condition that causes bleeding, you should not use plavix. when taking plavix alone or with some other medicines including aspirin, the risk of bleeding may increase so tell your doctor before planning surgery. and always talk to your doctor before taking aspirin or other medicines with plavix, especially if you've had a stroke. if you develop fever or unexplained weakness or confusion, tell your doctor promptly as these may be signs
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of a rare but potentially life-threatening condition called ttp, which has been reported rarely, sometimes in less than two weeks after starting therapy. other rare but serious side effects may occur. (male announcer) if you take plavix with other heart medicines continuing to do so will help increase your protection against a future heart attack or stroke beyond your other heart medicines alone. you may be feeling better but your risk never goes away. help stay protected, stay with plavix.
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the market, up. the video about to show you, no. we are told he is only two years old chided to light up a cigarette. look at this kid. keep watching him. this looks to you like he has smoked before. he has the lighter in one hand. he exhales. we won't touch on the fact that he is on a motorcycle without any protection. he is handing the lighter to another adult. the adults are all getting a kick out of it.
3:27 pm
they laugh. they giggle. as best with he know, this is from china. the adults laugh again as he continues to take puffs on the cigarette like he has done it before. very comfortable holding it, it seems. the story here, though, is, this is why we want to do this as we watch this. the story here is what some adults will do with kids for the shake of a cheap laugh. we have seen videos of kids with pot, cigarettes and even booze. this is serious. i will ask cnn medical correspondent, elizabeth cohen, to join me and talk about this. i know there is some cultural intricacies that we end up having to talk about. in some cultures, when i was a kid, i was allowed to drink sangria at certain times of the year, wine. i probably shouldn't have been drinking that. in some cultures, they do it for religious reasons. we can understand that with the wine. in some cultures in the midwest of the united states where i went to school, my buddies at the university of minnesota
3:28 pm
said, we started drinking beer when we were 14 or 15 years old. it isn't so cute, really, is it? and it is not funny. >> it is not cute. too much alcohol or any amount of smoking would be as bad for you or me but it can be really bad for children, snoeking. they have done studies where they looked at when the parents smoke and the kids get second-hand smoke. what they have found is that those kids are more likely to have asthma, ear infections, pneumonia, all sorts of terrible respiratory diseases. when you look at drinking, in many ways, it is even worse. it affects the brain cells. when kids start drinking young it affect the frprefrontal areaf the brain, the ceo of the brain, that regulates behavior and memory. it is different when a developing brain starts drinking a lot than a mature brain starts drinking a lot. >> roger, show this video once again.
3:29 pm
you look at this video of this little 2-year-old and obviously he has gotten that nicotine thing where he is used to it or dependant on the cigarette itself. the same thing can happen with anything from, i imagine, marijuana to beer to anything else. that child's brain is not yet fully developed. norris anyone under the age of 12 or 10, i imagine. at the very least. >> the younger you start to smoke, the more lickly you are to become addicted. >> not to mention with booze, i was looking at some statistics, i found that you double the chances of being in an accident, triple the chances of abusing a girl, having premayor tarital s. it is a litany of things that can happen if you start drinking when you are too young, not to mention the health problems. >> i think people get that.
3:30 pm
what they don't realize is it can actually damage the brain in ways that don't go away. in adolescence, the brain is forming and changing quickly. if you put a lot of alcohol in there, it is going to have some horrible effects. >> we all have the uncle who does it and everybody. we have all seen it in all of our cultures. it may be cute. it may be funny. don't do it. >> i think there is a difference. i would have loved to have been at your family's table when you drank the sangria. there may be a difference between if it is a family dinner and a child has a sip of wine. >> there is a european difference and a malt ter of age. if you start cutting. i think we could agree that somewhere before 14 or 13, too early. i know some disagree in europe. >> there are disagreements. there is no reason for your child or your teenager to have alcohol. there is no reason to do it. >> let's leave it at that. >> thanks so much, elizabeth. i'm glad you came on. you see this outfit right
3:31 pm
here, check this out, elizabeth? it's a cross between a bikini and a burg burqa. it's called a burqini. the question is, is it wrong to forbid women from doing this to swim in the pool. in some places, they are forbidden from using this. we want to know from you. rick pitino finds himself in the hot seat. and then the aftershow at 4:00, so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips...
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let's go to facebook before we do everything else. we are getting a lot of comments as you might imagine on some of the stories we are following for you. kim harrington says, as far as the congresswoman is concerned. i like her and appreciate her enthusiasm. if shes wa the facilitator of the meeting, she should have the common sense to not have her phone on, let alone talk on it while "listening" to others. it's just disrespectful. god die vary anderson says, i have no words, just speechless. now, we flip around to twitter. go ahead. robert. what do we have? on the burqinis. that's miss peru, argentina, they are contest tantsd at the
3:35 pm
miss universe pageant next weekend in the bahamas. why are we showing them? miss ukraine, also in her swimsuit, no doubt, wondering the american health care reform debate. okay. next picture. that is a muslim woman, not a miss universe contestant but wearing the accepted swimsuit of the islamic faithful. she is covered in head to toe in what has been nicknamed a burqini. this lady wearing this swimsuit would not be allowed to go in the water in public at a public pool in france. why? officials are telling this muslim woman that she is banned from pools in paris because her bathing suit is against the rules. muslims in france don't buy it. they are saying, this is purely discrimination. another way that muslims are being kept on the margins in french society. something they have been arguing for quite some time. is this lady mad? yes.
3:36 pm
she says she is going to protest and possibly sue. the french say, you can't wear something in a pool that you can also wear on the street. they say they are doing this for health reasons. they say, it is too dirty. that's what they say. >> by the way, let me show you what some of you are saying about this if we possibly can. >> burqinis, yes, i'm overweight and i love to swim laps. i would wear a version of no hood, hides cellulite. now, wear long t-shirt. there is an american perspective. the one under that says, what's wrong with their version of the swimsuit? it's just like a body suit for swimming. i have a feeling we will be hearing more about this. now, let's talk about what we are doing here at cnn. it relates to something happening on cnn tonight. christiane amanpour with a
3:37 pm
startling investigation about the next generation of muslims around the world. a struggle in places like gaza, afghanistan. this is a report. you know those are usually very good. "generation islam," a two-hour cnn special event at 9:00 eastern. hope you watch it. up next, the sex scandal that's roaring around rick petty kno it is ugly. he is a family man. so people 50 plus can choose health coverage options... as unique as they are. call or visit for free information that let you select the coverage you want... and skip what you don't. let's say you want to start your own business. a major medical plan could make it easy... to get those employer-like health benefits. you may want dental coverage, too.
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call now for free information. and get what you need to make health care decisions... that work for you. you don't even have to be an aarp member to call. all you have to do is be yourself. and, if you have any questions about medicare, call today and get your free copy of "medicare made clear," by unitedhealth educational publishing group. it will help you better understand all your choices. so don't wait. call today for your free guide. this video we showed of congresswoman sheila jackson lee talking on the phone while
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someone trying to talk to her. we will show you sheila jackson lee and to be fair, it could have been a family emergency. otherwise, it was just rude. she is a politician. she will have an excuse. there is no real excuse for such rude and inconsidered behavior. the town hall meetings are meant for your benefits. when she took that phone call, it meant the constituency wasn't important to her. there you have it. that's generally what people are saying. she has been gracious enough to come and explain why she was on the phone. she will be here in about three or four minutes and we will do that interview with her and you will get to see it live. to be fair. also, will an apologetic rick pitino keep his job as university of louisville's head basketball coach. this is a question that's getting a lot of questions in college hoops. certainly, on a sports talk show. in light of the coach admitting that he had sex in a restaurant,
3:41 pm
in a restaurant with a woman that he didn't even know where it gets interesting is that as a result, she got pregnant and then she calls him and he gave her $3,000 and now the woman is under arrest for allegedly trying to extort more money from the coach, known for his best-selling books, his attire and doing what it takes to win. he is one of the winningest coaches in college basketball. the fbi is investigating claims that she tried blackmailing pitino for a cool $10 million. he is a devout catholic, married, five children. yesterday, with the backing of the school's president and athletic director, he tried making amends with this apology. >> if you tell the truth, your problem becomes part of your past. if you lie, it becomes part of your the future. and i made a very difficult decision to tell the truth to the federal authorities, the local authorities, to the
3:42 pm
university officials and most important to people that love me the most, my family and friends. >> drew sharp is a sports columnist from the detroit free press. thanks for being with us. >> how are you doing today? >> here is what i am hearing. i am hearing women say, how come the gallon is being punished ae is skating. i am hearing from michael vick fans. why did he lose everything and go to federal prison and lose hundreds of millions of dollars in salary and apparently still being considered whether they will let him back in the nfl. no coach has signed him yet. while this guy seems to be able to continue to coach at kentucky. some people will look at that and say, there is a double standard here. what do you say? >> for right now, based on the facts, he has not been charged with anything criminal. now, there is an investigation. the police are looking into rape allegations from this woman from this incident six years ago.
3:43 pm
i guarantee you if in another week there are formal charges, rape charges against rick pitino, he will not have his job at that point. right now, i don't see there being a motive right now for louisville to fire this guy. is that ir a double standard? i am sure there is. when you compare the dante stallworth and michael vick thing, it is different. rick pitino did something absolutely stupid. there is no question about it. there is a separation between public life and private life. the person he has to to answer to is his wife and family. >> by the way, i said, kentucky, louisville. when i think basketball, i think kentucky. i apologize. is there something about rick pitino in this case and the way he is handling this, the fact that he seems to be at least handling it through the system,
3:44 pm
being up front where as michael vick, for example, lied to his owner, his coach, the commissioner. it's almost like knickssonian. when you try to hide a lie, it becomes worse. >> rick pitino is getting a break because last year, he was 31-5 at louisville. he was one away to win the final four. >> what does al davis say, just win, baby? >> what was that? >> what al davis says, just win baby. i couldn't hear. it was kind of garbled. >> al davis, oakland raiders, his motto, book, life slogan is "just win, baby." you are saying in sports, you win, you can do just about anything you want? >> you are talking about al davis and michael vick. again, we are having a little audio. >> we will fin ush you out and try and pick you up another time. it is facntastic to have a chane
3:45 pm
to talk to you. if we can get him back, we will continue the conversation. meanwhile, this. >> i know. i saw you. i saw you. i'm amazed you are still alive. >> this is amazing. this man just crashed his small plane into the ocean. there is a real good chance nobody would have ever found him. he could have drowned. now, it's a race to rescue him before the plane sinks. you are not going to believe this story. it is one of those that just comes along once in a while. we will share it with you. a police shooting that's caught on camera. you grg to see the dramatic piece of video that comes along with it. stay with us. we'll be right back. e blooming. the air is sweet. and zyrtec® starts... relieving my allergies... 2 hours faster than claritin®. my worst symptoms feel better, indoors and outdoors. with zyrtec®, the fastest... 24-hour allergy medicine,
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let's go to myspace if we can, robert. quick comment. that one says, give me a break. i bet the surfers in france wear body suits. she may be smarter than the rest of us. wearing that will prevent skin cancer better than any other swimmer. >> by the way, that reminds me. last time i went to spain, we went to france and we saw that many of the women were hardly wearing anything, which is really embarrassing for mom and dad trying to explain to my children why those women were topless. that seems to be legal but women covering the rest of their bodies up is not. that is an interesting comparison. thank you for the comment. new segment we are debuting for you today. it is called las photos dell dia. this is a guy who crashes hi plane in the irish sea. he gets out but the plane is sinking. surely, he is going to drowned.
3:49 pm
get on your knees and pray. guess what? his prayer is answered. you are not going to believe this. the irish rowing team happens to be rowing around the british isles at the very moment. finally, this guy, there is the coast guard, gets rescued. there is a god! photo del dia dose. look at this dash cam. the police officer should be thrown over this guardrail e is really worried, takes his gun out and says, sir, you have to do what i'm telling you. the man is wanted for attacking a guard. the man attacks and gets shots. the man is killed by the officer in the process. the question is, who would lung at an officer who has got a gunpointed at you.
3:50 pm
here, watch it for yourself. and now you're about to see the man, he's been shot, he keels over. he actually is fired, and it would be hard to find fault at what the officer did but you look at the fact that the man, at least on this video, attacked the officer. there's the officer coming into the frame now. we'll keep watching and asking questions for you. and finally this. this one's tough to watch. the ending of a police chase where a pickup hits two vehicles, a utility pole, and then ricochets into a building and then the truck just explodes. police are still trying to identify the driver who was killed in that wreck.
3:51 pm
wow. sometimes the pictures just tell the stories. sheila jackson lee joins us live to talk about that video that so many of you have been commenting on. stay with us. to stay on top of my game after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day men's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for heart health. that's a great call. one a day men's. recently turned 65. glad he's now got medicare on his side. but jack knows that medicare part b cpders only... 80% of medical expenses. so, he got himself an aarp... medicare supplement insurance plan -- insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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3:53 pm
welcome back. i'm rick sanchez. as promised, congresswoman sheila jackson lee is now getting seated. she's just getting her microphone put on and she'll be joining us in just a little bit. the hullabaloo has been about this, this video that has been released that we have been sharing with you. there is the congresswoman. she is talking on the phone. there are some people there at the meeting who are taking hum barra hom barrage at this because at the very time she is on the phone there is a constituent trying to ask her a question. she says to the constituent something to the effect, i hear you, but many in the room are very upset with the fact that the congresswoman is not responding. some had told us here it has looked rude and disrespectful. congresswoman sheila jackson lee is good enough to join us now. thanks for being with us. >> rick, a pleasure to be with you. how are you this afternoon? >> doing fine. >> thank you.
3:54 pm
>> i got to ask you, how do you explain what you were doing there? what were you thinking, congresswoman? >> well, you know what, rick, i am in a series of town hall meetings, maybe going up with 9, 10, 11, 12, as people are asking for more opportunities to be in our town hall meetings. i address those who come as friends and neighbors. they may be in the congressional district. they may not. i also address them as fellow americans. town hall meetings are by their nay vur very informal, and it is always my intent to be receptive and responsive to the constituency. we were talking about health care reform, insurance reform. that constituent who i just became endeared with. she stayed afterwards and she indicated she was not from the constituency. i met her children. we talked about her issues. >> that's all -- that's all well -- i have to interrupt you because you're moving into a direction -- let's go one question at a time. >> we were talking about good health care reform. >> why were you talking on the
3:55 pm
phone? why were you talking -- congresswoman. congresswoman, you're not being fair. i asked you a very specific question. >> where i can, if you let me, i will tell you. i was on to be able to answer questions more directly. we set up a congressional hotline to help members know line by line what the bill says in a certain section. for those of us who have gone through -- >> congresswoman, the question is why were you on the phone and was it disrespectful. >> we haven't memorized the bill. >> congresswoman, you're absolutely ignoring my question. >> not at all, rick. >> i don't think that's very nice. >> not at all, rick. and you are very nice and i'm very nice. >> let's start at the beginning and i'll tie to be nice. >> let me answer your question. >> some people look at the video and say -- i say to my children it's impolite to text, it's wrong to be on the phone when you're talking to people, and it's rude to do that especially when you're dealing with adults. here you have people who have come to hear you speak. they are asking you a question, and it appears on the video like you're not giving them their
3:56 pm
due. how do you explain that? >> i'm so glad you said it. it appears on the video. maybe it's a doctored video. how i explain it is this -- first of all, i take calls from my constituents but that was not a call that i took. i dialed the hotline number to give a better answer. i said to the audience, they may not have heard me, that i'm trying to get an answer. i heard the gentlelady, as i would call her, now i consider her a friend, i invited her to washington. and what i will say to them is i was being responsive, talking about health care. my question to those who have youtubes and i love youtube, who have made an issue, are they concerned about health care reform? are they concerned about a robust public option? are they concerned about eliminating pre-existing diseases? all of that i talk about. by the way, rick, i stayed to the end. we answered every question on that particular town hall meeting, including the young mother that you are speaking of. every cancer survivor that got up and spoke, we clapped for them and said thank you. so, if it offended anyone, let me say it was through
3:57 pm
misinterpretation. >> did you -- >> because i was battling to make sure that we had the right answer. >> did you apologize to that lady who you talked to afterward? >> what i will say to you is that the lady did not ask for an apology. we became good friends. i have extended an invitation for her to come back if she so desires so, there was no reason. we were friends. we were talking. we were speaking with her children. and, therefore, what i would say to you, rick, no offense taken, no offense given. what i was focusing on is what america should be focusing on. are we going to fix the broken health care system. and as it relates to your children, good for you, likewise. i think it's the right thing to do. but in this instance, we were in a town hall meeting, not a keynote speech. >> do you think the video was doctored? do you think the video may have been doctored? >> let me say this -- we who are members of congress who believe in democracy are not going to focus on distractions. we're going to focus on giving the people the opportunity to express themselves any way they
3:58 pm
desire. >> well, look at it. i tell you what, let's play it and you tell us if this is you or not you and if we made a mistake by showing video that may have been doctored. anything about this video that isn't reflective of what happened? >> i know nothing about the video, rick, and i'm not going to comment on it. all i'm going to say to you is i enjoyed speaking to that young mother, i enjoyed hearing about her particular issue, and i will continue to respond to her as is needed as i do to other constituents. >> what is so hard -- you know what -- >> we had a wonderful time talking about these issues. >> i'm having a tough time understanding why it's so difficult for a gentlelady as yourself, as you've used that terminology, to just come on this show today and say, you know, i had a bad moment, i apologize. that was disrespectful. i shouldn't have done that. >> because it was not disrespectful. because i was seeking information for the very town hall that i was in. you just heard me say, if offense was taken, i wish that it had not been. no offense was intended. but i will continue to answer
3:59 pm
calls of constituents as i will continue to respond. if i can get a better answer from a wonderful concept that's put in place to help these constituents i will do so. the lady said i could embrace her. let her come to my office. i will go to another panel meeting. if she comes, i want to have a public embrace. >> but you're saying it's okay -- >> we bonded. >> -- to do that, for constituents who drive miles to come to you, ask you a question and when they're asking you a question you're on the phone talking to somebody else? >> rick, you're characterizing it in a way that you're not talking about helping small businesses, the value of this bill, bringing down health care costs, how we're going to make sure people don't pay $1,800 per month increase in premium per year. i believe that young mother will far more benefit -- >> we're down to 30 seconds. would you not agree -- >> trying to be creative by all the conversation about -- >> git that, congresswoman. but would you not

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